The Secret to Shampooing Natural Hair (Without Drying It Out)

Cleanse your curls without stripping the moisture.

Shampooing and cleansing hair is a must for most natural hair care regimes. With all the hair creams, gels and lotion we apply to our tresses we have to ensure that we are effectively removing product build up so that we can maintain the health of the hair and scalp and continue to sufficiently condition and moisturise our coils.

It may seem like very basic simple stuff but by improving and checking the technique of everyday hair practices you can grow healthier, stronger and longer hair.

The Beginner’s Guide To Natural Hair series is designed to supply you with a foundation of knowledge to help you look after your beautiful tresses and is perfect for those who are newly natural, transitioning or considering going natural.

How to Clarify Natural Hair Without Drying It Out

Step 1: Rinse your hair with water so that it’s thoroughly soaked from root to tip.

Step 2: Focus the shampoo on the scalp and roots as opposed to length of the hair. This is because kinky and curly hair textures naturaly tend to be drier. Shampoo can remove moisturise from the ends of the hair which are the oldest and driest part of the hair. Although we want to clarify all our hair, directing product to the ends can dry it out and make it frizzy.

Step 3: Massage the shampoo into the scalp this will ensure you scalp is thoroughly cleansed. Start at the front then work your way to the back. The massaging will also stimulate circulation around the scalp which will promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. Tip: Massaging the scalp is especially good if you are having problem scalp; itchy or flaky.

Step 4: Once all your scalp is sudsy and soapy you can begin to rinse the shampoo out. As you rinse the shampoo out allow the dilluted shampoo to gently cleanse the length of the hair.

Step 5: Make sure all the shampoo is rinsed throroughly otherwise this can cause scalp irritation.

More tips:

  • Always follow a shampoo with a conditioner. Avoid using 2-In-1 Shampoos/Conditioners.
  • Ideally you should shampoo you hair around once a week or once every two weeks depending on the activities and products use in your regime

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